Thursday, December 13, 2012


Merry Christmas to all!!! I hope your  home is all decorated, your Christmas shopping is done and all wrapped....So now all you have left to do is enjoy baking yummy Christmas cookie....Then eating them with your family and friends...I truly hope that is your world...Mine, not so much...I love the holidays, the only problem I have is I always think I can stitch or sew just one more item then I will stop...But that never happens...Until my husband looks at me with that, are you crazy look, then I stop... The good news for me is that my daughter Mary will be home from college on the 19th, she is the best cookie make ever...So, on the 20th our home is going to smell like yummy Christmas cookies...But there is only one problem, she has the same issue her mother has...She always wants to bake just one more batch of cookie...Until her dad looks at her with that, are you crazy look, then she decides she has baked enough...Dose that sound familiar ....I know  Mary and I have problem...We never know when to stop...LOL...

I promise these are my last two items for the Christmas season...My Snow Angel Bag is adapted from a County Stitches pattern....The framed Snowmen were designed by Trilogy...
These are the items I am listing on TDIPT tomorrow night... I would love it if you stopped by...There will be beautiful hand make items to see...

Thank a bunch for your kind comment they make my day...
I am hoping you enjoy a safe and happy holiday season...
Merry Christmas,


  1. What beautiful things you have made.
    The little bag is adorable.

  2. They are both so sweet! Your work is beautiful. My sons won't be home until the 23rd because they're driving together and my oldest has to work on Saturday. As long as they arrive safely, I'm happy. ~Roberta

  3. I wish I could sit and stitch and have things to show. This Christmas so far has just not let me. I haven't got to baking yet.
    I have a list of things to make in the kitchen and the sewing room.
    So nice your baker will be home.
    I love all of the cute things you have made this month. I always enjoy stopping by. Thanks so much for sharing and Merry Christmas Nancy!

  4. Especially love your little punched snowman, so cute!