Friday, October 14, 2011

TDIPT And More Pumpkins.....

The question I have for today is .....Do you ever get tired of pumpkins????I have to say I love them....I never get tired of making then or decorating with them....This time of year I even have pumpkins in my bath rooms....I hope that isn't a little over the edge...I can't help my self I just can't seem to get enough of them...Don't get me started on all the different varieties of pumpkins....This year I have a few Cinderella pumpkins on my front porch that are great, I also have a fondness for white pumpkins and then just plain orange ones make me happy....Here are a few of the pumpkins I have been working on...

I also loved making these little veggies....I had to show you three pictures of my Harvest Pin-keep so your could get the full effect...Also a few more pumpkins....

My last finish is yet another pumpkin with a sassy bird....I think that birds are right up there with pumpkin this time of year.....Who couldn't love a super cute bird????
Well that is the fun facts I have for today....I wish I could head back to my sewing room but the laundry is calling me...I guess we all like clean clothes.....
Take care and enjoy the beautiful fall season,


  1. Beautiful work as ever, Nancy! I've had to sacrifice some sewing time to chores - it must be done but creating is more fun!
    Enjoy the freshness of clean clothes!

  2. Hi :)
    I have a bit of a Pumpkin thing going on too ...hahaha
    Hubby asked me the other day why I had an 'obsession' with pumpkins???
    All I could think to tell him was that they make me smile! :)
    Not sure that was the answer he was!
    Hugs & Pumpkin Kisses ;) Wendy x

  3. Beautiful creations especially the pumpkin cushion.
    Pumpkins ~ love them ~ BUT cannot bare anything scary so it's smiley faced ones for me!
    Take Care xxx

  4. I am crazy about pumpkins too. I mean completely crazy and I know Christmas will be here before I know it and should want to do something like that but I just love the colors so much more, Yes, I have pumpkins everywhere too.
    I love all of your goodies for this month, just great!

  5. Great designs, Nancy!! I love pumpkins!