Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Better Late Than Never...

All I can say is two words STOMACH FLU......Boy, I tried to post last night but my family wasn't having it, we were hit by a super fun flu bug...People around here were dropping like flies...We had our daughter Katie and the grand-kids here for the weekend....But today all is well Jaxon is at preschool, Jordan is playing happily and my favorite Katie is on her way back home...As for me I had time this morning to post the items I have been working on for Early Work Mercantile....

These are my new items....Some of my favorite things. I love snowmen, angels, pomegranates and who doesn't love a good sampler....
Well I'm off, as you can imagine after having a flu bug I can hardly get in my wash room..
So the day for me looks like laundry and more laundry...But that is OK, I'm so glad everybody is feeling better.....
Thanks so much for stopping by and for the kind comments they make my day....
Take care,


  1. Oh I am so sorry you guys got the flu, it is always so terrible when it goes through the house.
    Your offerings look great this month.

  2. Beautiful work as ever, Nancy! I love your snowman and his ginger!
    Flu bug is a big yuk! Hope you make a speedy recovery!

  3. What wonderful finishes, Nancy. I am especially in love with your angel and your gorgeous runner! Oh, how I wish that I had an unlimited amount of time...
    Good to hear that your family is recovering from the stomach-flu - that is not fun to deal with at all!

  4. So sorry to hear you guys were so sick. How awful. Love all your new finishes and glad to that the worst has past and you're all feeling better.

  5. Sorry you had the flu! Seems to be hitting everywhere earlier than usual this year. Wonderful offerings for the month! Feel all better soon. ~Roberta

  6. Hi Nancy....hope you are all feeling much much better! I love your angel, very cool!


  7. Nancy, I hope that you are all better now! Stomach flu--yikes! Lovely projects.