Thursday, September 29, 2011

Early Work Mercantile And More Pumpkin Heads...

Happy, Happy Fall....I am posting a few of the items I have been working on for Early Work Mercantile and more pumpkin heads...I just can't seem to get my fill of pumpkins...

You all know that I love my sew room....Wow.... I think I might have to leave for it for just a little bit....A girl can't live on Diet coke and sour liquorish alone....I think I need real food and maybe a little more fall fabric...You know I really don't need more fabric I have a pile but I might need something new and different...

All I can say is I love to sew for the fall season....So after I pick up Jaxon at preschool and
get some food that isn't 95% sugar I think I'll start a new punch needle that is all drawn out and ready for some color...The question of the day is do you think there is a pumpkin to be punch needled????I must say I am going to be a little sad when it is time to move on and my pumpkin days are over until next year...But I do enjoy a good snowman...So all is well...
Thanks so much for all your kind comment they make my day....
Take care, Nancy


  1. Well you know I was just thinking about this the other day. In Jan. I was wishing I could start doing fall things. Now that it is fall I can't get enough pumpkins. I would just love to stitch them just all of the time.
    I like your wonderful things so much.
    I always enjoy your updates.

  2. More pretties for EWM. I'm with you. I hate when pumpkin season is over. Love the piece you did for the PRIMS mag too. Congrats.

  3. Your pumpkin heads are just too cute!