Monday, April 11, 2011

Do Any Of You Do This???

Hopefully I'm not the only one that does this......I have a big stack of project that are started and another pile of projects that are almost finished....Why do I keep skipping around???
One evening when I sit down to stitch, maybe I feel like cross stitching or maybe punch needle would be fun or should I finish the wool applique that is staring at me...

Anyway I'm almost finished with Sarah Tobias from BB designs...I have the perfect place to hang her sampler..Hopefully she will be of to the framers soon....

I'm still think that I might need one more rabbit....The punch needle design is from country stitches...

When it is really raining hard here...I'm thinking what about a Flag design...Do you think if I stitch something for summer the season might come sooner????? I can only hope..

Last is my me to me Christmas present.....I joined Sue Spargo's Block of the month for 2011...
I have to say.....Great fun...I have finished the January and February blocks.....But it is now April and soon I will be two blocked behind....That is the story of my life....To many project and not enough time...
That's all the fun facts I have for today....Thanks for all your kind always they make my day....Thanks for stopping by, Nancy


  1. Oh Nancy I'm laughing because you are so describing me - you are definitely not alone!

    Your present to yourself blocks of the month are well I can't find any other word than WOW!
    I hope you just stitch away and I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work!

  2. I am so glad you do that too. I always thought there was something wrong with me that I jump around and do other projects. I keep hoping I will grow out of this. I have wanted to join one of those classes. I just was afraid it would add to my pile of things I needed to work on. I am hoping to finish up all of my projects by next year and join one, I would like to join a Stacy Nash club. I love your work as always.
    I am so sorry it is rainy again. Gosh have your feet started getting webbing?:) You have had so much rain this year. So have we but nothing like you.

  3. Piles of projects everywhere, well that's me too. Sometimes the inspiration is just not there for one thing, so go to the next. Love your applique. I just noticed that the dog in your banner looks just like our puppy Ella. xox Corrine

  4. oh yea, we all do that. Lately I feel like a crazy person bouncin' from one to another. I like those blocks- really cool flowers!

  5. Nope! You are not the only one...I have piles of projects to be made, piles of ones in progress, and piles of projects I want to get's just the way us crafty people are!

  6. Wendy said it all...your are in good company LOL!!

  7. Why Nancy I have never heard of such...not finish a project before starting another????

    That's just weird....;)

  8. Hey Nancy
    YES! I have a HUGE pile of UFO's

    In fact in my basket of "Working projects" I have that very same bunny punch needle! Mine is all punched and ready to be soon as I figure out what to do with him!

    Maddening, I really want to put him out this Easter! Com'on brain, think of a finish! LOL


  9. I think we're all guilty of stop and start!
    Sometimes it's the right thing to do though, if you're stuggling or getting bored with one then why not start another. I have many UFO's in the pile but occasionally one shouts at me and it finally gets completion. I spy a bunny ~ I need to hop over to Country Stitches and check that one out xxx

  10. I'm exactly the same way - I've learned to stop beating myself up over it !

  11. My excuse is -it's a sign of a creative person and I'm sticking to that!

    Love all your works in progress-keep stitching. Here is a confession to not make you feel so bad-I joined Sue Spargo's last years BOM and haven't started a single block.....oh, the shame and I love it so!

    Shazy x

  12. I'm with Karen, I think that's just weird!

    LOL! ;-)

    Seriously, I used to be a "one project at a time" girl, not sure what happened!! Oh, I know....finding a LNS....then finding friends that stitch!!

    I love all of your projects btw :)

  13. Thank you for giving all of us a chance to see "we're not the only one". Unfortunately, though, I'm always racing around at the last minute before a show or deadline trying to get everything finished up. ~Roberta

  14. Well, I did the Crazy January challenge where I started 15 projects, and of course my head is being turned by new stuff constantly. Or things that were in my stash and now I'm looking at them again. I wish I could stick with one thing and leave it at that!

    Your Sue Spargo blocks are GORGEOUS!!!!