Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Love people that Stitch and Blog....

I love people that stitch and blog...Thank-you, thank-you for making me laugh....I love all the funny comments you left on my last post...It seams like a lot of you out there are just like me, addicted to starting new projects....

I am happy to say that I did finish a couple of pillows that I am listing on TDIPT tonight...
I have really been in the mood for flowers and since it is so wet here and I can't plant them I decided to stitch them...

All three pillows were fun to make and my finger nail aren't full of dirt as they would be if these flowers were planted in my yard...I guess that is a positive thing...But I still can't wait for a yard full of blooming flowers....
I'm off to fix dinner and then take another stab at my ever growing pile of newly started projects....Thanks again for the funny comments, they made my day....
Take care, Nancy


  1. Beautiful pillows! One of the best things about those types of flowers are the lack of bugs you have to deal with as you grow them. ;)

  2. Really sweet pillows. The violets are so old fashioned, but such a wonderful flower....xox Corrine

  3. Ciao, sei proprio brava.
    Una valanga di ideee ???!!!
    Allora proprio come me. Ho due bimbi piccoli e un mare di ideee, un piccolo angolo con tanti fili, una marea di stoffine e ......

    vieni a trovarmi

    a presto ....

    Giardino fiorito

  4. Oh my gosh, love your projects! I also like people who stitch and blog!

  5. I love your new pillows, I wish I could come and you would teach me sewing classes. I love the pillows and I have never see that done before. Not to mention you could show me how to do linen. I just can't get it down.
    So you have been taking care of chickens? Be careful that is how it started with me. I had no interest what so ever, then my daughter got married and someone had to take care of them.
    They just grow on you and next thing I knew I had chicks and then a blog and well you know how it goes. Now the whole world thinks I am a Farm girl who gardens who is really a big ole fake. :)
    I love all of your sewing it does make me happy.