Tuesday, September 14, 2010

TDIPT Mercantile.....Update.....

Wow... I love the 15th of the month...Today at 6:00 I get to post my new items on TDIPT this as be a fun adventure for me I never get tired of sewing and creating I could spend my whole life doing only that... But thank goodness I have a tons of people around me that need me... So I spend every spare moment I can in my sewing room....(The cross stitch pattern for the pumpkin was designed by The Stitcherhood.)

Please check out TDIPT for this months offerings...I'm sure there will be a lot of scary and spooky offerings this month from all the talented artist to make your Halloween fun...

Jaxon was helping me take pictures so I had to post a picture of him too just because he is so darn cute.....I'm really sorry I am one of those grandma that can't get enough of there grand kids I'm sure this won't be the last picture of him I share.....
Thanks so much for your kind comments and for stopping by, Nancy


  1. I mean really, why not, He is adorable! He has such a great smile and he is your helper right?
    You always leave such nice comments on my blog so thank you so much! I love the stuff you make and I will be checking out your page.
    I do look at all of your stuff, It is always so nice.

  2. Hi Nancy, your creations are just too precious!
    But even more so is that precious Grandson of yours, Jaxon.

    I can imagine how you must feel about him as I have 4 precious grandchildren of my own.
    They really know how to steal your heart!


  3. What a DOLL! He looks so much like Emily! Your projects make me so excited for autumn.