Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm Having Fun With Finishing Work...

I have met the nicest people in blog land. Josie ask me if I could do some finishing work for her which gave me an excuse to spend the day in my sewing room as I have said before that off course made my day this is a pear cross stitch she sent me... I put an 1 1/2 inch boarder around the pear and decorative embroidery stitches around the border and outer edge of the pillow and topped it off with a small velveteen pear in the corner...I would love to give credit to the designer of the pear but I don't know who designed it...If any one out in blog land know who the designer is would you let me know........
I knew someone out in blog land would know who designed the pear and pumpkin....Chrissie (blog.. Me and My Shadow) said they were designed by JBW designs called French Country Pear and Pumpkin....Thanks a bunch Chrissie....

Next she sent me this pumpkin cross stitch probably designed by the same person...I finished the pumpkin into a bag with two different fabrics ...I stuffed the bag with cotton batting then added twigs and rosemary coming out of the top and tied it all together with black ribbon...
Josie told me to just use my imagination in finishing her items. It was really fun to see what I could come up with..I have one cross stitch item left to finish for Josie it is a winter stitchery. I'm still think about what might be fun to do with that one......If any of you love to stitch but hate to do the finishing work....I would love to help you out it would mean another day in the sewing room for me and of course that would make me happy...
Thank so much for all your kind comments and for stopping by, Nancy


  1. Nancy, they sure came out beautifully!
    I bet Josie is very pleased.

    I know I would be!
    Audrey =)

  2. Just beautiful. That is so nice that you like doing that and your things are just gorgeous. I bet you are having fun. It looks like the perfect day.

  3. Those are so cute! Love the little pear detail....I'm sure she loves them both!

  4. Hi Nancy,
    Thanks for your comments on my blog. Appreciate your input. Beautiful finishing by the way.
    Always love to see what you're up to :)

  5. Oh my!! I just love how you have finished the pear. Very creative. The designer is JBW Designs French Country Pear.

  6. Nancy, you did a beautiful job on the finishing!

  7. Very pretty! I especially like the border and stitching on the first piece. Lovely.