Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Little Reluctant To Share......

I must say I am a little reluctant to share with all my new friends in blog land a condition I have had for many years. I believe I am holiday challenged ...
You see I still have all my spring and Easter decoration up in my home...
Maybe it is because we have had an unusual amount of rain this year in the northwest.
And I love how bright and happy the spring colors make my home feel when is it gray and dark outside.
Or maybe because it has been a little busy around here at the McKenna homestead....
Well what ever the reason... today is the day we go from Easter and spring to summer.
So out come the flags, fire works, watermelons, and sunflowers.... Wish me luck this project could take all day.... The weather man is saying that Saturday should be sunny with temperature all most in the 80's. I hope he is right, I'm ready for summer.
I'm hoping your weather is beautiful and you have plenty of time to stitch, Nancy


  1. I too am afflicted with this disorder. This year it took me soooo long to get my snowmen decor put away I jumped right to my summer stuff, bypassing the Easter and spring stuff. I was early for summer but now I'm right in season - LOL -- Your bunnies are all beautiful and it is soooo hard to put such pretties away - can't wait to see your new decor.

  2. If I had stuff as cute as you do for spring, I might not put it away either. I just put away my spring silk flowers I had sitting around. I haven't done it either, but I do go all out for fall. I love fall best.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey, I'm the same... if I had such cute stuff, I'd keep it out as long as I could, too! Remember, summer doesn't officially start till the 21st, right?! I can't wait to see how you decorate for the summer... take some pics!

  4. Don't feel like the lone stranger, I just took down my Easter stuff too, lol!
    All of your treasures are so cute! Love them!