Friday, May 28, 2010

Two of My Favorite people !!!

These are my two youngest daughters . Mary and Katie we spent Katie's birthday in Seattle at Pikes Market. Katie loves the city... I never can get them to be serious at the same time one always has to be a goof... in this picture it's Katie.
This picture Mary decided it was her turn to be the goof...
And in this picture it is both of them being a goof.. When they see I posted these picture I'll be in big trouble... Well maybe next time they will just smile for the camera... Probably not.... Mary is taking a leave from college for 18 months, she is going to spend the time in Alaska. So I'm off for a week to help her get things together.. All though she has been a way at school for the last couple of years we are really going to miss her. It always hard to see you kids grow up....and your house quite.....
On the stitching front I just finished this appliqued pillow. I used wool and velveteen on osanburg then add decorative stitches and small beads.. I really enjoyed working on the pillow I hadn't done an applique for a while

These are the last of my pears. In this set I cross stitched on the small pear with over dyed floss... Don't you just love over dyed floss? I do.....I had one more set of pear I wanted to show but I accidentally erased them. Go figure with my computed savvy I can't believe that happened... lol.... It's late and I can't figure out how to put the picture where I want it. So that will have to wait... thanks so much for you kind comments they make a girl feel good... And Nan thanks for your help... I'll write again when I get home from helping Mary.... Until then happy stitching, Nancy


  1. Very cute girls! I do love your work and I have been snooping around on your selling site. I do love those pears. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Love the overdyed threads on the pears Nancy.super work. The goofs Lol look real fun to be around too.

  3. Your daughters are so pretty--funny faces and all. ;) I get the same thing--funny faces and then they get upset if I post something they don't think is particularly flattering on my blog. Or, heaven forbid, one child is shown more often than their siblings. Best of luck to your daughter in Alaska. WOW! What a neat thing to experience.

    I love the pillow, and your pear is fantastic!

  4. Your daughters are just darling! Good luck to Mary in Alaska! I'm sure she'll have a wonderful time. The pear and your pillow are wonderful!

  5. Hi Nancy,
    Your daughters are adorable! Hey love the pillow your work is so lovely!