Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I just spent 5 fun filled day in Disneyland with seven of my favorite people... starting on the left is my favorite yard helper Jaxon. Next his super cute mom Emily (my oldest daughter).Then buzz lightyear who to tell you the truth I don't know very well. Abby who loves every ride especially the fast and furious ones. Last but not least Sean the dad of two of the cutest kids at Disneyland that day.

Then one of my favorite sises in the whole world Angie on the right. Her son Levi who could fight every bad guy from stars wars and win.(he has great fighting moves with his light saver) Next is every one favorite guy Brian, Angie's husband he planned the whole trip to make sure we hit ever ride a maxim of times and ate every treat in Disneyland at least twice...... Love Ya Brian thanks for great planing. I know I had a great time because my feet still hurt and I'm still on a sugar high.

Now it is back to reality... Mike, Mary and Katie couldn't go with me because of work, school etc...I brought them back great treats but its not the same as watching the grand kids and Levi have so much fun. So now they need a little TLC. Well I'm off to make dinner and hopefully after dinner a little stitching. Next time I hope to have some stitching to share. Thanks for stopping by, Nancy


  1. I looks like you had so much fun. I can't wait to take all of our grandchildren to Disneyland. They are all so beautiful.
    Glad you are back.

  2. Love the pics. Looks like all of you had lots of fun. Welcome back.

  3. It sounds like such a fantastic time! There's nothing better than Disney experienced through the eyes of your little loved ones. :) I have fond memories of my kids' first trips there.

    Have a great Mother's Day weekend!