Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cold and Rainy...

Here in the northwest it takes forever to warm up. I keep trying to get my yard in shape but I keep getting rained out.. The good news is my aspen trees are the very last tree in my yard to get there leaves. As you can see they are starting to get tiny green leaves oh happy day I think the warmer weather might be coming.
The lilacs are in full bloom. The color is beautiful and they smell great!!! I'm hoping it warms up enough for some of my other plants to bloom. Until then I'll try to enjoy the rain. I love living in the northwest because it is always so green . For that reason I really do enjoy the rain. Just some times it gets a little much..

As far as stitching go I have been working on a pattern by Stacy Nash. The fabric is tin roof from weeks dye works. I'm using the original DMC floss color with the exception of the house. I used weeks dye works color brick. Thing as so busy around here I'm not getting much time to stitch. But that's OK I guess I just have to many good thing in my life keeping me busy. I'm hoping to get time to stitch tonight . Happy stitching, Nancy


  1. Hi Nancy,
    I love lilacs!!Though I have never had a bit of luck growing them yours are beautiful. I really enjoy seeing your needlework. I have been busy too so not much of that done this week. Even though today would have been a nice cold day to sew. When you have time I look forward to your pieces.

  2. I like your WIP, Nancy! The lilacs are so pretty. I don't think they grow here in Ireland--I'll have to check; I'd love to have some for my garden!