Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Have Been Away To Long...

Life is getting in the way of my blogging...I just returned home from helping my daughter  Mary get back to college...We stopped by and spent a few days with my daughter Katie on the way.....All my girls have spring time birthdays, so I have been on one big party...But now my yard needs a lot of TLC and I need to see flower planted and blooming...I just love this time of year.... I did manage a little time to sew...I have been working on flowers and flags, they just say summer time to me...

These are two of the items I have finished for  Early Work Mercantile...I wish I had a little more time to finish all the projects that are swimming around in my head...But the weeds are calling me, the good news is as soon as my flower beds are all weeded I can start planting my favortie flowers....That is the best part of the season...

Thanks a bunch for stopping by, your kind comments make my day...
Take care,


  1. Wonderful little creations Nancy! Have fun in the garden. My weeds are calling me too, but I've been ignoring thus far.

  2. Always such a joy and a feast for the eyes to stop by and visit.
    Weeds were calling my name but now that in 16 days my daughter will be getting married here at our house. I have hardly had time to sew a single thing.
    I am going to take June off and sew though. I am glad you had some goodies to look at. Always such a joy.
    I always enjoy your updates.