Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Am Ready to Play...

I am ready to play !!!! my yard is all planted and in shape...Now I am waiting for school to be out, then the grand kids and I can spend our time at the lake with a picnic....The best part for me is watching the kids play sitting under a big shade tree stitching and eating treats...Life doesn't get much better than that...
I have managed  to stitch a few items in between planting flower and pulling weeds...First off is my punch needle hanging strawberry...I also love the 4th of July....I leave up my red white and blue decoration all summer long...I thought a America pin-keep would be a fun idea..I absolutely love the fabric I used on the back...I also used the same fabric on the Americana bag below..

 I have been designing like crazy...The designs in this post come from Moon Pie Primitives..If my computer skills were better I would have these design in pattern form....But, thanks to my daughter Mary who is home for a while in between semester at school (might I add she has great computer skills) I just might get some of my design in pattern form....Keep your fingers crossed for me...These are also my offering for Early Work Mercantile tonight..If you have the time I would love it if you could stop by to  take a look...


  As always your kind comments make my day...
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  1. Oh yay!!!! I will be buying them. I can't wait. I have loved looking at your designs since the first time you were on Betty's blog.
    I always love looking at your offerings. I will be checking back.
    I am so glad that summer starts today. I need summer this year like none other before. :) Your summer sounds wonderful out at the lake.

  2. Oh wow - I am in love with the strawberry - how sweet is that!!! Good to see that it has some buddies to hang with too... :-)
    The pillow is wonderful and the back with the strips of fabrics is gorgeous. Love the bag too - how did you get all of this done while working in the garden?