Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Love The Weather We Are Having...

All I can say is WOW....We are having great spring weather....Beautiful blue skies  warm temperatures not a bit of rain...We even ate outside on Mother's day, it is usual a bit cold for me to eat outside this early in the year...I have to say my day couldn't have been better...I hope yours was the same...I have been spending most of my time outside digging in the dirt...But I did find a little time to stitch a couple of thing for TDIPT for the 15 Th of May...
 First is my Liberty Bag....I just love to stitch flags this time of year....My design is adapted from a Stacy Nash design


Next is my  Peacock farm Pillow this is one of my designs...Like I told you in my last post I can't seem to put down my punch needle...I have three more designs I am working on...Punch needle is so easy to take with me when I am out and about it fills all the extra little minute I have watching swimming lessons or waiting to pick up the grand-kids..

Last  is a sampler pillow I designed for a wonder person I met out there in blog land...I have to say this is my favorite thing to do...I love to personalize my stitching...My friend loves strawberries, her daughter loves sunflowers, her son loves to fish and the little birds are for her husband...She as a dog she love and a very dear cat the has passed away....She also love the color red ...

That is about it for me...I have to get back outside before the rain comes back...I need to get all my plant planted because they will love it when the rain is back and I never complain that it is to green in Western Washington...

Thanks so much for all your kind comments they make my day...
Take care,


  1. I totally love your designs. Are you going to publish a little book? I would be first in line. I love how they look and they make me happy.
    I am glad you have had lovely weather.
    I hope it continues.
    If you do make patterns available I would love to by some. :)

  2. Absolutely beautiful work - the punch needle is wonderful and I love flags this time of year too!
    Have a lovely day!

  3. Lovely bag and pillows Nancy, they are fabulous. I would love to learn how to Punch, looks really good!
    Enjoy the nice weather and send some to us please:))

  4. Wonderful bad and pillows! I love all of them. I need to learn how to Punch. I bought the tools, but just never have thought to sit down and learn.

    We're having some wonderful weather here too. I hope it lasts all the way until October!

  5. Beautiful stitches! It would be so difficult to have to choose a favorite!

  6. Wonderful stitches. Your pillow is so nice.


  7. Lucky friend! I think the strawberry pillow is my favorite, too, but it's all beautiful! ~Roberta