Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year....

Happy Happy New Year....
I'm wishing you the very
best for the new year....

Holy cow if has been crazy around here...I don't now how all of you wonderful bloggers out there in blog land do it....Through this busy holiday season you manage to keep your blogs up dated and full of great pictures and new project... With my limited computer skills, I'm tell you it take me longer to post that it dose to cross stitch my projects ( just kidding) ....But I am really slow at getting everything together....

Here are a couple of the project I have been working on...I'm listing these on Early Work Mercantile tonight....If you have the time I would love it if you could stop by....

We have had a great holiday season around here....Full of my favorite people and tons of yummy treats....But now my house needs a little TLC and the Christmas decorations need to come down...But I still have Katie at home so I can't think about that until she leaves there is still more fun to be had and treats to be eating...(that is if I could possible eat one more treat)...Thanks for stopping by and for the all the nice comments you make my day...My New years resolution is to post more often and to leave more comments on all of your blogs out there because you have all been so kind to me....Enjoy the New Year and thanks so much for all the kindness you have sent my way, Nancy


  1. Wow, Nancy these are so beautiful, I am going to go stop by and look at the one with a bird. See if I sewed more and blogged less I would have things to show. My goal is to sew more and finish more projects but I am so painfully slow. I just love your work. I hope you have a wonderful New Year and I look forward to all of your lovely, lovely creations. You inspire me.

  2. Hi Nancy,
    Sounds like you shared a wonderful time with loved ones.
    Wishing you and your family the best for the New Year!


  3. Happy New Year Nancy!

    Love all your projects-especially the first pic with the trees:)

    Looking forward to seeing all your creations in the incoming year!

    Shazy x

  4. As always Nancy, your creations are stunning. Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best.

  5. Oh I just love that pillow Nancy. Happy New Year to you. Looking forward to more of you wonderful stitches and dolls for 2011. xox corrine

  6. Your work is wonderful! Love the snowman pillow!
    Take Care,

  7. Beautiful new offerings! Happy new year to you & yours!

  8. Dear Nancy,I saw you subscribed to my felt blog so I hopped over here. Your works are so lovely!!!
    Let me invite you to my felt blog written in english:
    Maybe you prefer it to the german one.
    I wish you health and love for the new year!
    Fluffy regards