Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas is fast approching.....

Wow... Christmas is fast approaching....And as usual I feel like I'm light year behind...But that's OK I guess that is half the fun...I'm posting a few items I just listed on TDIPT...And I think this is the last of my Christmas stitching...I do have a couple of gifts to finish then I guess I can say I'm done....I always find just one more thing I would like to stitch for the holidays....But my family is looking around the kitchen for Christmas goodies and right know there is none to be found...So if I don't want the lose my happy home I better leave my sewing room for a while and start baking...LOL...I must say I probably like the treats more than they do...Jaxon, Mckenna and I will start with cinnamon rolls and freeze them for Christmas morning....This task will take all day and the grand kids love making their own rolls and taking them home to their folks....There will be dough, cinnamon and sugar everywhere and this is my favorite Christmas tradition I have done this ever since my kids were little and I hope there will be kids here forever so I never have to stop making Christmas rolls with the kids...

I hope all your shopping, baking and planning is going well and you are enjoying the season...Thanks so much for stopping by and for the kind comments, they make my day...
Take care, Nancy


  1. I finished the last of my crafty projects today, and I noticed my kids coming in and taking the lid off of the cookie jar and no cookies. So it is time for me too. Time to hit the kitchen and make lots of goodies too. I love your Christmas things you have made. I am hoping to start sewing again after Christmas.
    Have a great time baking cinnamon rolls. I make them too.

  2. Hey Nancy. I feel the same way, there's always something else that I wanted to stitch for the holidays. Your TDIPT listings look fab. Nice stitching!
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Sweet stitching all, hope you enjoy getting covered with sugar. I used to cook with my son all the time and he is not the primary chef in his house
    and his girl does all the baking, quite the pair. Grandkids coming too
    from our blended family between Christmas and New Years, the girls
    love the craft so it will be a glue mess in our place too! Merry Christmas to you all. xox Corrine

  4. Hi Nancy,
    Beautiful work! Love them all,
    Hope you have a merry Christmas,

    Shazy x

  5. Truly lovely work!
    Wishing you a happy Christmas!

  6. Oh my gosh--always such gorgeous work!! I love it all, but think the snowman pillow is particularly adorable.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Very lovely work!!
    Ein ganz gemütliches Weihnachtsfest und ein gesundes neues Jahr!
    liebe Grüße