Thursday, October 28, 2010


Thank-you Thank-you for all the kind comments from all of you nice people out in blog land....Your comments are all so up lifting on a dark rainy day... I can't believe it has been two weeks since I last posted....I have been busy filling order for TDIPT from my October offerings and trying to get ready for the 15 of November...And then there are the Halloween costumes I have been making for my grand kids all in all It has been crazy around here...Then I thought....I'm having so much fun with TDIPT why not join another site and offer my guilty pleasures on the first of every month. So I joined Early Works Mercantile.Com...Now I get to spend even more time in my sewing room...I'm a little over whelmed right now but I love ever minute of it...
I just finished Santa and his friend this morning...I love his old wool coat and pants and he looks so kind holding his reindeer...I have one more Santa all ready to put together I'm just trying to decide what his clothes should look like....Santa is from a pattern I found from Pineberry lane...

I have been cross stitching like crazy...I have a pile of thing that need to be put together...This little bird and flower are made into a double pin-keep with old buttons and rosemary stuck in the middle...I just love how rosemary smells...

And last of all is my merry drum...I really like making these ....I think I will try a couple more....Well I'm off to try and decide what kind of clothes would look great on my naked Santa...
Thanks so much for stopping by and I really appreciate all the nice comments...
Happy stitching, Nancy


  1. As always everything is so beautiful. Just curious, since I am having such a hard time seeing, do you use a special light and/or glasses.
    By the time the sun goes down, my sewing time is over. I was just curious.
    I love your Santa and I love you have been making costumes. I love, love making costumes.
    It looks so good I will go to the new place you have started putting things on. I love looking at your creations.

  2. I love everything you have completed. Great job, Santas buddy is adorable!

  3. Love it all. I adore Wendy's patterns from Pineberry, I don't think there is one I don't own. You did an awesome job on Santa and elmer. I'll check you out at Early Works on the first.

  4. Nancy, great job on everything. I love your Santa and Elmer. I actually own one of these done by a wonderful artist, Dora Webb. It is one of my all time favorites to display during the holiday.
    Well, you must really have a lot of energy :) Wishing you much success on the EWM.

  5. Love your Santa with reindeer!!! Very nice work!! Am new to your blog but so enjoy seeing what you do!

  6. I have been watching eagerly for another post from you and it hasn't disappointed:)

    LOVE Santa and his helper-love the coat:) and your stitching is amazing,

    Shazy x

  7. Nancy, wow. I love to just sit and drool over all of your wondeerful creations. Good luck with your new endeavor!

  8. Sweet pillows with the cross stitch and love your Santa. xox Corrine