Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Million Pictures.......

After being gone for one whole week there are about a ton of things that need to be done around here...But, I sure had a good time, my folks are doing great and so is the rest of my family and I have to say my favorite thing is that my hair look absolutely beautiful if I do say so myself it has nothing to do with me my sister Angie is a genies with a pair of scissors..Now I feel much better about myself...

One of my tasks when I got home was to finish sewing my offering for TDIPT web site for the 15 of October which made me really happy to get home from a week of fun and have an excuse to spend time in my sewing room....I have been sewing like crazy but now my problem is I have take about a million pictures of my offering and can't decide which ones to use... I'm having trouble because I can only use six pictures....

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  1. just found your blog from Christines (Preferably Prim)and I sooo love your style:)

    Love the give thanks pillow and all your pumpkins-great ideas!

    Looking forward to seeing your winter projects:))

    shazy x