Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

It has been a busy day around here .....I have about two seconds to post before Mike (my dear husband) leaves me home.....We are going out to dinner with the family.... He is super hungry....I thought I would share the items I'm listing on TDIPT to night....

As you can tell I have been having fun in my sewing room....I just love it when I have the time to sew...
That is about all for me.....I'm off to dinner ....Thanks so much for stopping by and the kind comments make my day...
Take care,


  1. Love your projects! You have been very busy. Have a wonderful celebration with your family. ~Roberta

  2. As always such a treat. I do hope you have a lovely dinner tonight. You are so creative. It just amazes me each month.

  3. can' believe how beautiful is the needle stand is the base a big door knob? wonderful ideas I was wandering how to solv this before going to ask a carpenter

    how funny here in italy valentine was Yesterday!!!
    enjouy your day
    love your projects!!

  4. (sorry mistakes) enjoy your dinner
    loves Claudia

    from freezing Cuneo :-)