Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yahoooooo It Is Time For Hearts......

Wow....It seams like it has been forever since I last posted.... like all of you out there in blog land
the holidays were crazy around here...My daughter Mary had been in Alaska for 18 months she arrived home on the 16 Th of December....Katie arrived home on the 23 of December and they both had friends that came to visit for the holidays....So with the other kids and the grand kids we had the best time...Probable more fun than we were entitled too...Then after all the fun I got to spend time in my sewing room....It doesn't get much better than that.....I'm posting a few of the thing I have been working on...This time year I can't get enough red hearts

There it is my latest guilty pleasure...I thought with the new year I might talk my family into not eating and making a mess of the house, then that would give me more time to sew...But they didn't go for the idea...So I'm off to do the laundry.....
I'm listing my new items on TDIPT tonight...If you have a chance I would love it of you stopped by...
Take care and stay warm,


  1. I have to be honest and say I'm not a big fan of Valentines Day because I odnt like hearts, but you have made some cute things! :-) I love that blue bird.

  2. Haha, I will try that too, maybe they would decide not to eat and get the house dirty or have dirty clothes. Of course, it is always so pretty and you do such a nice job, I am so glad you posted new pictures. I will stop by and check things out.
    It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. I am so glad. I bet it was nice to have your girls home.
    I always enjoy your updates and they inspire me so much. Now, off to cook dinner, I wonder if I told them I was going to sew tonight if they would say " Oh sure Mom, go ahead." :)

  3. Gorgeous hearts, love the fabrics and embroidery you used :))

  4. Hi Nancy, so nice to find your blog - thanks for visiting and following on mine.
    despite the busy holidays with your family, you have still found time to make a load of things! Good for you for making the time, cos thats what you have to do sometimes, and turn your back on the never ending chores!
    I love the bag, and all those hearts are lovely, so much work has gone into them.

  5. Hi Nancy, thanks for checking out my blog. Your blog is lovely, has so many wonderful handmade goodies! Love the hearts.