Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Stitching and Early Work Mercantile...

I hope you are enjoying your summer....I know most of the US. is in blistering heat as for us in the pacific north west we are finally getting summer.....Yesterday we hit a whopping 75 degrees....I have been spending most of my time stitching while watching the grand-kids swim...With a sweat shirt on...If we have sun the kids want to swim, even is it is only 65 degrees....Oh, to be young....
I thought I would post the projects I finished for Early work Mercantile tonight...
First off is my own design...A fun sampler I stitched with cross stitches, darning stitches, a couching over dyed silk ribbon on natural linen...

Next is a pin-keep...Lately I can't seam to stitch enough of these...

OK.....I couldn't stand it any longer I had to stitch something Halloween.....My Pumpkin Head Girl is a design from Country Stitches, I just love her, she makes me laugh....She is stitched on natural linen with over dyed floss
I have my fingers cross that we get more warm weather....It feels like a little bit of heaven to be able to stitch outside while the grand-kids swim...
I hope it isn't to hot where you are....Thanks so much for stopping by and for the kind comments, they make my day...Take care, Nancy


  1. I love your pumpkin head girl. She would make me laugh too. I had to get out fall things to work on too. 75 really? It sounds wonderful though.
    I am glad you were posting I kept checking to see if you had updated your new things yet. I love seeing what you are working on.
    As always your works is beautiful.
    I hope it stays warm for a bit. We are supposed to hit triple digits this week all week.
    I can't complain because this will only be the second time all summer.
    Take care,
    Your friend

  2. Your sampler is beautiful! I love darning stitches, so it is wonderful to see a more recent sampler using this technique.
    I'm with you - I love Halloween too and that pin keep is precious. You have some mean finishing skills, girl! ;-)
    Greetings from a 98 degree KY! :-)

  3. Pretty pinkeeep, Haloween, not yet, but I will take the weather. xox Corrine

  4. I had to grab out my Halloween stuff, too. The calendar says summer but the temperatures never got the message. Truthfully, I don't mind it since most, if not all, Irish homes don't have AC, but having grown up in the midatlantic east coast of the US, summer to me = heat and humidity and watermelon and the pool and beach and so on. We had one day--my son's last day of school in early June--when the temps hit 75 degrees, and it hasn't hit that since.

    Your pinkeep is beautiful! I love your sampler, too. I was just looking at my pumpkin head girl chart--such a cute design!

    I hope the temps stay in the 70s so the kids can enjoy their summer a bit longer!