Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm Seeing Hearts ......

So sorry... it has been two weeks since my last posts....So much for posting more often...Well, I guess I will have to try harder next week, but I have to say I have been spending all my free time in my sewing room I wish I liked my computer as much as I like my sewing machine...I find my sewing machine a lot more friendly...
I love this little cupid from country stitches...

Here are a few of the things I have been working on...And the items I am offering tonight on Early work Mercantile....I must say I'm seeing heart every where even when I sleep, I have stitched and sewn so many...I thought I was just about done with hearts and going to move on to bunnies...But my sister Angie just called and said her home needed something fun for Valentines day so I have some great new red fabric that I haven't used yet, now I have an excuse to use it...I guess there will be a couple more hearts before I move on to bunnies...

I hope there are lovely people like me out in blog land...I have sewn all day long and the man of my dreams is going to be home in one hour and I look like a train wreck and there is'nt the tiniest bit of dinner ready.....So what to do...I guess I better scramble and try to look presentable and fix a yummy dinner....No more sewing or blogging for me today....Thanks for all your kind comments and for stopping by....You know that you make my day, Nancy


  1. You have created such beautiful items. Best of luck on EWM. Hope you were able to get dinner together in time :)

  2. I aspire to stitch pieces as lovely as yours, Nancy!
    I have to admit I'm dreaming sampler motifs in my sleep!! But I'm ready to make bunnies! That is a cute bunny and I LOVE the knitted sweater!
    Have a great week!

  3. I always get so excited to see your new things and you make the most beautiful things. I had to laugh about no dinner and the train wreck statement. You are so cute. Your red hearts are just beautiful and so are your bunnies. You always make my day. I know it will be good.

  4. Beautiful stitching Nancy. I love the bunny.....xox Corrine

  5. What beautiful finishes Nancy...I love the apple and the heart pillow!

    Good luck tonight...hope you do really well with sales.

    Happy Stitchin'

  6. Hello Nancy,
    I love the little cupid from Country Stitches...ordered the pattern too. :) Brenda always comes up with such lovely designs, doesn't she?

    Your projects are just wonderful...I can see the quality workmanship-even in your photos.

    I stayed in my jammies all day today, stitching...hubby will be home in a bit-thankfully he is taking me on a dinner date, then to hear our son perform with his band. :)

    Thanks for sharing your project finishes!