Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ho..Ho..Ho..Christmas ornaments for Early work Mercantile...

The season is upon us and I don't think a person can ever have enough Christmas tree ornaments...I like to have a new ornament to remember every year...Also tree ornaments are my favorite gift to give...
Our family has a very kind Uncle, Uncle Bob who every year since the kids were born he has given them a Christmas ornament... Which they watch to come in the mail right after Thanksgiving, I know it is one of their favorite tradition....They always have fun hanging their ornaments and comparing them with the one for years gone by...

These are a few of the thing I'm offering on Early work Mercantile tonight...If you have a chance I would love it if you could stop by....I hope your holiday season is going well and full of all the fun and family you need....
Thanks a bunch for stopping by, Nancy


  1. Wow Nancy,
    You;ve been busy!
    The ornaments are beautiful.
    I love your creations!


  2. Sweet stockings and I just love the pear. Wonderful creations. xox Corrine

  3. My goodness, you've been busy. I love all of them!

  4. Okay, you did it. I was going to fizzle out on stitching ornaments for my nieces this year, but I will do them. I want them to grow up and remember my ornaments like yours remember receiving ornaments from Uncle Bob. Thanks for the kick in the tush! ;)

    Your ornaments are exquisite, as is everything you do!

  5. OMG Nancy, your ornies are to die for! Beautiful flawless work.~~Pam